Baphomet, “Lord of the Minotaur”

warfare, minotaurs

  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Symbol:
  • Domains: Evil,
  • Favored Weapon: Great Axe
  • Child Race(s): Minotaurs
  • Present Followers: Mostly minotaurs

Baphomet (baf’-o-met) is without a doubt an evil god. However, he is more complex than many give him credit for. His chief domain is that of the god of all things minotaur-like. In many ways, he is the epitome of the ultimate minotaur — strong, stubborn, quick to anger and decisive action, slow to forget or forgive, and nearly unstoppable once he is set on a course of action.

Unlike other gods of evil, however, Baphomet cares deeply for his people. He has acted in the past in a manner that could be aligned “good” or at least neutral in the defense of his people. While most sects of minotaurs follow his tenets of behavior to the letter, there are some that have adopted a more moderate view, who seek peaceful relations with other races. He loves these “radical” minotaur just as much as those that are more “like” him.

Despite this, Baphomet and his clergy fiercely preach the tenets of the “First Laws” of the Minotaur: fearlessness, determination, loyalty toward friends, no mercy for enemies, blood rites, and ascension of only the strongest. Suffering and overcoming obstacles leads to strength of mind and strength of arm. This has led many minotaur nations to become juggernauts of conquest and destruction of other races; indeed, warlike behavior is in a minotaur’s blood.

Baphomet is immensely strong and his great axe has slain more than one god. In his youth he was nearly as tempestuous and wildly ferocious as Tiamat. As time has passed, however, Baphomet’s attitude has become more moderate. He is still one of the few allies of Tiamat, but in many ways he is as much a controlling force seeking to rein in her chaotic nature as a supporter of her schemes. Nonetheless, he is no friend of Tiamat’s enemies such as Marduk, Angra, etc. It is worth noting, however, that he has, on several occasions, refused to assist Tiamat in her ongoing campaign against the Metallic Dragons. It is speculated that as his paternal concern over his own people has grown, he has become more loathe to cause other races undue harm.

Baphomet’s greatest allegiance in modern times is to his people. If any nation or group of Minotaur appear in dire peril, there is a high likelihood that the god will personally appear to lead them to salvation.


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