Angra, “The North Star”

wisdom, honesty, fair play, loyalty, the golden rule

  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Symbol: A single star
  • Favored Weapon: A Gilded Scimitar
  • Child Race(s): Extinct
  • Present Followers: Metallic Dragons, numerous others

Angra usually appears before her followers as a strong-willed woman, bedecked in white cloak, silver helm and shield, and golden chainmail that shines like the sun. She espouses the highest virtues of lawfulness and goodness. She is firm, fair, and just. Her sense of fair play is legendary, as is her belief in honesty and loyalty. Her followers adhere to these measures, and she has perhaps more paladins in her service than any other deity. It is to Angra that sayings like “True North” imply — that there is a unwavering moral code that will always be tested true. It is said that a loyal subject who has followed her code faithfully (or who has adequately repented his sins) will never be lost.

Her reputation for fair play originated long ago, during the Pantheonic Wars. Angra was a great friend of Bahamut, the god of the metallic dragons. During a particularly horrible battle with other deities and their forces, Bahamut sacrified his life to save Angra. Years later, his Metallic Dragons were beseiged on all sides, as Tiamat and Baphomet had formed an alliance to rid the world of those magnificent creatures. In a final battle, Angra brought the armies of her own race, the Nerien, to protect the remaining Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc, dragons. The battle was hideous, and at some point, Angra saw that her people and Bahamut’s dragons were doomed. She offered her own life to save theirs. Tiamat agreed and Angra lay her own neck before Baphomet’s axe. He swung, struck true, and Angra was slain.

Tiamat and Baphomet, however, did not keep their word, and they continued their crusade of genocide against the good dragons. The Nerien, every man, woman, and child, chose to honor their goddess by sacrificing themselves to the very last to protect Bahamut’s dragons. When the very last Neriah on Primordius was slain, Angra arose from the dead (she was one of only two gods ever to do this). Tiamat cried foul, thinking that Angra’s death had been a ruse. However, Ioun pronounced that Intent (the personification of the universe) had honored Angra’s agreement — her sacrifice for the preservation of her people and the dragons. Since Tiamat and Baphomet had violated the agreement, Angra’s self-sacrifice was undone, and she was restored to life.

With her people gone, Angra dedicated herself to the well-being of the Metallic Dragons, and they have survived to this day under her watchful eye. She is, suffice to say, a stalwart enemy of Baphomet and Tiamat both.

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