Primordius Deities

Deity AL Nickname/Themes Child Races(s) Present Worshipers Symbol Favored Weapon
Abadosh NG “The Moon Lord” Rakshasa Rakshasas, numerous others Crescent Moon Silver Tipped Javelins
Angra LG “The North Star” Extinct Numerous Single Star Scimitar
Aphreia CN “The Nymph”
Baphomet NE (N) “Lord of the Minotaur” Minotaur Mostly minotaur Horned Skull Great Axe
Brandobaris NG “The Wayfarer” Halflings Travelers, explorers, cooks Compass Quarterstaff or Sling
Chenadar CG “The Laughing Star” Dervishes Travelers, rogues, musicians Daggers or Hand Blades
Correlian NG “The Feylord” Elves Elves, some fey Quarter Moon Longbow
Cyrigal LN “The Watcher” None Numerous Eye on a flaming background Cold-Wraught Mace
Gizzach LE “The Warlord” Orcs Warriors Crossed Halberds on a red flag Halberds
Grummsh CE “The Pillager”
Ioun N “The Chronicler” None Numerous Hourglass Quarterstaff
Lloth CE “The Spider Queen”
Marduk LN “The Founder” Humans Numerous A Silver Net Spiked Nets and Whips
Mirwinannin CN “The Tidehunter”
Moradin LG “The Master Craftsman” Dwarves Dwarves, humans, others Hammer on Anvil Hammers
Namsheira CN “The Stormrider” Tengu & Dragon Horses Anyone wishing good weather, sailors A Dragon Horse Rearing Glaives
Poujoulla NE “The Witch”
Raven Queen N Guardian of the Shadowfel Shadar-Kai Everyone, one way or another Black Raven
Sirius LN “The Phoenix” Extinct Mostly Aessir White or golden silhouetted face (turned to the right) Khopesh Sword
Tiamat CE “The Chromatic Dragon” Chromatic Dragons Worshipers of evil Five-headed dragon Fist/Claw weapons
Torog LE “The Jailor” Aboleth Mostly Aboleth and those wishing to keep something imprisoned Spiked Chains
Vecna NE “The Unspeakable” Beholders Anyone seeking forbidden (evil) knowledge Single Eye Daggers
Zizza CN “The Shadow” Extinct Mostly Aessir Black silhouetted face (turned to the left) Whip
Zotham LN “Lord of the Comet” None Anyone wishing to divine answer A Comet Quarterstaff

Slain or Otherwise Absent Gods

(this list could potentially number in the hundreds, so only recently slain gods are listed here, or those who still have much impact on modern religion)

Deity AL Nickname/Themes Child Races(s) Symbol
Bahamut LG “The Platinum Dragon” Metallic Dragons Stylized dragon head
Ceyenne CE “The Sleeping Queen” Eladrin Black Rose
Pteneb N “The Engineer” Aessir Triangular device (called a Tnet)


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