Ceyenne (say-ahn’), known as the “Sleeping Queen” by some, was a fey goddess and the identical twin of Aphreia. Unlike her sister, who, despite her tempestuous nature, was drawn to peaceful places, song, and beauty, Ceyenne was always drawn to the darker aspects of nature.

Ceyenne and Aphreia were never far apart, and despite their differences, were as close as any twin sisters. They dwelt in the Feywild together, creating fey creatures, playing music, dancing in the courts of the Fey, and in general basking in the natural splendor.

That is, until Correlian appeared. He drove the two into jealous fits of rage against each other, as both sisters vied for his affections. In truth, he loved them both, but neither one could stand the notion that he noticed the other at all. For periods of time, Correlian would leave the Feywild to prevent catastrophic disputes between them, hoping against hope that some day they would forgive each other.

Alas, Correlian himself was weak, and found that he could not contain his passion. He did not prefer one; although identical in most ways, Correlian found their differences exciting, and for each he held equal admiration and lust. He wanted a child with both, hoping that somehow this would bond them and break their jealousy. Ceyenne gave birth to a child who became the prince of the Eladrin — a branch of elves. Not to be outdone, Aphreia’s daughter was destined to become the first Queen of the Summer Court.

At last, Ceyenne decided that she had to have Correlian all to herself. With Poujoulla’s help, she crafted a poison that would not kill her sister, but would put her into a deep sleep for all eternity. Correlian discovered her treachery, and tried mightily to dissuade her, but it could not be done. In the end, Correlian himself tricked her into taking the poison herself.

Correlian and Aphreia laid Ceyenne into a casket made of pure crystal, and she was placed in a beautiful spire at the top of the Eladrin city of Cendrianne. Correlian insured that his son, the prince, enjoyed a long reign. Unsurprisingly, the Queen of the Summer Court often came to odds with the Prince of Cendrianne, and in the centuries since, the two powers of the Feywild have frequently been less than cordial with each other. Indeed, it was treachery on the part of the Summer Court that led to the downfall and abandonment of Cendrianne.

It is said that even now, as lonely winds blow autumnal leaves across the abandoned and overgrown streets of Cendrianne, the figure of Correlian can often be seen walking to and from the tomb of Ceyenne.


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